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NewSolver is an automatic web-based scheduling software for companies with customers with different delivery frequencies. The scheduling process creates a plan with a duration of several months, taking into account the frequency of each customer (twice a week, weekly, twice a month, monthly, every two months, etc.) and a large number of other constraints. In addition, the planner recalculates the plan every day, adapting it to daily changes: new clients, deleted clients, clients with modified data or changes in restrictions.

Routing Reparto

Routing Reparto is web-based software to plan routes with multiple stops, reduce the company's transportation costs and maximize the number of customers visited, simplifying the planning work. Real-time tracking is available: constant control of on-site activity and instant confirmation for pick-up and delivery. Geolocation of orders and vehicles on the map. Mobile application available for drivers.
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Plan IT!

Newronia Plan IT! is our library of optimization and planning algorithms developed and improved throughout our history. Genetic algorithms, local search algorithms, integer programming, clustering algorithms and machine learning. From our base of algorithms we can make adaptations to each business by adding new parameters or new constraints.

Customized Route Planning and Optimization Projects

At Newronia, we understand that every company has unique needs when it comes to route optimization. That's why we offer customized route optimization projects, designed specifically to fit your business characteristics and requirements. Our team of experts works closely with you to thoroughly understand your objectives, constraints and operational challenges. Based on this collaboration, we develop customized solutions that maximize your fleet efficiency and reduce logistics costs.

Customized AI-based application projects

Not limited to just route optimization projects, Newronia excels at delivering customized AI-based solutions. Working closely with you, we develop projects that leverage cutting-edge algorithms and machine learning techniques to address your specific challenges. With Newronia's AI expertise, you can unlock the full potential of your business, gaining a competitive advantage in the ever-evolving marketplace. Trust us to deliver AI-powered solutions that align perfectly with your goals and propel your organization to success.

3D Space Optimization

We design optimization strategies that achieve efficient truck loading and pallet creation. This translates into balanced loads, reduced loading and unloading times and maximum utilization of available space. Rely on Newronia to provide you with customized truck and pallet loading optimization solutions. Our customized approach and logistics expertise enables you to optimize your transportation operations, achieve higher levels of efficiency and gain a competitive advantage in your industry.

AI Algorithm Design

We are pioneers in AI algorithm design, creating cutting-edge solutions that harness the power of artificial intelligence to address complex challenges. With a deep understanding of your goals and industry dynamics, we create AI algorithms that enable intelligent decision making, predictive analytics and process automation. Our expertise in developing custom AI solutions will empower your business to make data-driven decisions, gain actionable insights and stay ahead of the competition in today's changing digital landscape.

Understanding the business

In the context of route optimization projects, a crucial factor in achieving successful results is the tailoring of algorithms to each specific business. By recognizing that each company operates differently, taking into account factors such as operational constraints, customer requirements and industry-specific considerations, route optimization algorithms can be customized to suit the specific needs and characteristics of the business. This tailoring ensures that optimization strategies align with business objectives and operational realities, leading to more accurate and effective results.

Software Integration

Newronia's software is integrable with software applications such as ERP, CRM and fleet tracking systems, creating a unified ecosystem that streamlines data flow and facilitates efficient collaboration. Our expertise lies in connecting disparate software systems, enabling real-time communication between different pieces of software. Through APIs, web services, databases or files we ensure that information flows seamlessly.

Iterative Method

At Newronia, we adopt an iterative approach that recognizes the complexity of defining objectives and rules during the early stages of a project. We understand that business requirements may evolve and that new constraints or rules may emerge as the project progresses. By incorporating these changes and analyzing the results in each iteration, we ensure that the end result surpasses traditional approaches based on rigid initial requirements. With each iteration, we integrate new constraints, adjust rules and leverage knowledge gained from previous analyses. This iterative approach ensures continuous improvement and ultimately superior results.

International projects

Our experience extends to different sectors and countries, which allows us to apply our method effectively in different business environments and cultural contexts. Newronia has completed projects in Spain, Ireland, Italy, the United States, Colombia and Chile. Our global reach allows us to apply our method successfully in different countries and regions. We understand that business dynamics and cultural subtleties can vary significantly from one location to another. With our experience and expertise, we tailor our projects to take into account local regulations, market conditions and industry-specific practices, ensuring successful results in diverse international environments.

About Us

A history of innovation

Throughout our journey, since 2011, we have undertaken numerous projects with varying complexities, constantly refining and improving our work methodology.

Our team at Newronia is composed of highly skilled programmers, PhD holders and experienced researchers who possess extensive knowledge and experience in the field of applied artificial intelligence. We continuously analyze and learn from our successes and challenges, incorporating best practices and cutting-edge techniques into our approach.

Newronia's Commitment

Newronia is committed to Environmental Responsibility and the reduction of CO2 emissions. Through the use of artificial intelligence we actively work to reduce CO2 emissions from our customers' logistics-related activities. This makes Newronia a company whose core business generates a positive impact on the planet. We strive to help companies achieve their goals while promoting a greener future.

Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision is to be a responsible, efficient and highly specialized company that offers advanced Artificial Intelligence solutions to optimize the resources of transportation and logistics companies.

Our mission is to empower companies to optimize their resources, reduce costs and minimize their environmental impact.

We uphold the values of quality and responsibility in all aspects of our products and projects. We are dedicated to delivering high quality solutions that meet and exceed customer expectations. In addition, we are committed to being a company that has a positive impact on the planet.